Patient information

On the day of your appointment please arrive 10 minutes early.


Self check in

Southland EMG uses self check in. Please follow these steps on arrival:

  1. Go to self check in kiosk, which is located just to the left of the main entrance.

  2. On the first screen, type in your Alberta Health Card number.

  3. On the second screen, type in your birthdate.

  4. Proceed to the waiting room straight ahead.

  5. Have a seat and Dr. Mrkobrada will be with your shortly.


Getting here

Southland EMG is located in Suite 235, 10601 Southport Rd. SW, T2W 3M6. The clinic is located in the 10601 Southport Rd. building (the smaller of the two red brick buildings) just north Anderson C-train station and Tower Chrysler dealership on Macleod. The clinic is on the second floor, beside the elevator. There is plenty of free parking available.


Booking an appointment

To be assessed by Dr. Mrkobrada, your health care practitioner (family physician, medical specialist, nurse practitioner, physiotherapist or occupational therapist) has to make a referral to Southland EMG.


Preparing for the appointment

Please bring a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Also, please do not use body lotions or oils on the day of the appointment. Bring your current list of medications, especially any anticoagulants that you are taking. You do not need to fast. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start. The appointment will last from 30 to 60 minutes.


Electromyography and nerve conduction studies

During testing, we stimulate the nerves with a small amount of electrical current and record the signal further down. It may feel like a small pinch or rubber band snapping on your skin. Occasionally, we use small needles  to record the electrical activity of the muscle, after cleaning the skin with alcohol. Most patients tolerate this test well.


After the test

There are no driving restrictions. Dr. Mrkobrada will discuss the results with you during the appointment. He will also write a letter outlining his findings and recommendations to the referring health care practitioner, which will be faxed within one week.



If you have any feedback, including complaints, please leave a comment in our feedback box. If you have a complaint, Dr. Mrkobrada will respond with privacy and respect. He will gather information and facilitate an investigation. A response will be given, if you provide contact information.


Confidentiality policy

All clinic visits are confidential, unless a patient is at risk of being harmed, harming themselves, or harming others. This confidentiality means that the doctor cannot share any of your information with anyone else. Sometimes for medical reasons a doctor may need to consult with another healthcare professional regarding a patient’s health, in which case relevant information will be shared. However, any consulting doctors will be held to same confidentiality agreement, where they cannot share the information with anyone else.